Dev Log #16: Weekend Events and more!


* The automatic EXP event every Friday has been increased from 10% to 15% extra exp. (This automatic event stacks with all the other EXP buffs/events.)

* The saturday event has been changed from 10% more gold to 15% more gold.

* The sunday event has been boosted from +2 Gatherer skill to +3.

* Your pet now gives you half his damage in exp when it attacks monster. With a 10% chance of giving you its full damage in exp.


* Fixed graphics in skeleton king room.

* Fixed so raid respawns correctly.

* Fixed monkey quest so it now says the correct amount.

* Fixed so you can upgrade rings and amulets if they have max upgrade above 0. Rings and amulets can not be upgraded beyond its max upgrade level.

* Fixed level 1 chars will no longer always be teleported to the spawning area.

* Fixed so that the flag menu shows the correct boost for protection spells based on wisdom.

* Fixed the i5 combination quest.

* Fixed issue with quests not saving properly.

* Fixed toplist for most quest points.

* Fixed some other small errors.

* Fixed so quest 63 and 68 in the normal quest line does not show as started.

* Fixed the text for traveling to island 3 by ship.


* The automatic events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are now visible in the game below the +100% EXP when its one of those days.

* Increased almost all skills max value so that they can be increased higher.

* LifeSteal has been adjusted to 0.6% instead of 1% per point.

* Replenish will proc every 12sec instead of every 10sec.

* PoisonStrike adjusted to 2% chance per point from 4%.

* Parry no longer requires 10 endurance.

* Deathblock proc chance changed to 1.75%/point from 3%/point.

* Disarm now works against monsters.

* Armor Penetration no longer requires strength making it better for mages to get it.

* Increased duration of spell Earthen Strength.

* Boosted protection spells so they give 1 AC for each 20Wisdom instead of 1 AC for each 25Wisdom.

* Boosted bless spells so they now give +1 HP per 5Wisdom instead of +1 HP per 8Wisdom.

* The magical chest on i2 and i4 now drops 50% more frequently.

* Upgrading an item is now always 50% success rate. The random formula has also been further improved.

* Daily quest rewards has been increased.

* Rebalanced Death spawntime+exp and Skeleton King drop rates.

* Island 2 ocean has been boosted with more bosses.

* Lernaean and Tonatiuh has been given much more EXP.

* Poison Sharpener now required 60Str instead of 65Str.

* Did some small balancing to monsters.

Other Improvements

* If you do not have leggings equipped and pick up a pair of leggings they will auto equip.

* Changed color of player HP Bar so that it stands out more. It will also render above everything so its never hidden.

* A new setting has been added to the option menu that hides the pet name/level.

* No longer sending messages when a player exits the game.

* The quest text for Quest 10 is now easier to understand.

* Info added when equipping a pet explaining how you see the stats of players pets.

* "Kill Monsters" daily quest can no longer include the Vanguard bosses.

* NPCs that set your spawn point can now be clicked to start a conversation.

* 3 new npcs added (on i1, i2 and i3) that give information about the keys you need to get to island 4.

* Improved some maps.

* Updated the EXP tutorial page.

* Added some extra security.


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Mar 30, 2022

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