Dev Log #18: Tournaments and more!

New & Improvements:

* Several more adventurous quest parts added.

* i5 water area, the area to the east with Precious and other tree monsters has been rebalanced because it was way too hard to get to the boss.

* i5 monster exp has been greatly increased.

* i5 Colosseum will now give monsters random hp, damage and experience within  a increasing line instead of always following the same static line.

* Star monsters now give +25% EXP.

* Star monster damage is changed to give +20% damage per star.

* Primordial Ice Staff now gives +2 Allround instead of +2 Untwine.

* Bosses will spawn monsters 25% less.

* Some monsters on i4 has increased EXP.

* Chance for monsters casting global DMG is reduced.

* EXP on i2, i3 monsters increased.

* All capes now have 2 max upgrades set on them and they all give skills.

* All quivers now have max upgrade level set to 1.

* Rebalanced "a lot" of monsters in the game with boosted exp and such.

* i4 monsters/bosses drop items more frequently.

* Increased the exp from spawning monsters on i5 from quests.

* i5 Raids boosted with exp and rebalanced.

* Lowered minimum damage on i5 monsters.

* You can now turn a normal item into a +0 item from the upgrade item system. Costs 50k gold. The upgrade to +0 behaves as other upgrades with a 50% success rate and it can not break.

* All monsters will spawn within a 20% difference from their spawntime. A monster with 100sec spawntime, will spawn anytime between 100sec and 120 sec.

* You can no longer sell equipped items. (So people dont do it by mistake)

* You can no longer add equipped items to the player market. (So people dont do it by mistake)

* Updated PVP/PVE tutorial.

* !roll command in chat is now also displayed in the chat.

* Healing spells will no longer deselect after a cast. (Only first aid will deselect)

* Added transparency to all spell targets.

* Added a small transparency to spells and we will feel it out to see if it stays.

* Party EXP info is added to the ingame party menu.

* Updated info on the ingame Tutorial so it says the correct EXP loss on PVE death. It is 5% of the current exp gained on the level you are on. Previously said 10%.

* Further improved on the upgrade item chance formula.

* Items dropped in PVE death are now written out in your chat.

* Changed "putting items stats into your chat text" key from SHIFT to CTRL so that it does not interrupt you when you run and browse your inventory.

* The text above the chat will now display even if you cross maps.

* When you die from a monster, it will now show the monster name and its last damage done to you in your chat.

* All treasures received from digging with the spade is boosted.

* Taunt will work on randomly walking monsters.

* A auto range for monsters have been added so they can not be abused.

* Monsters have a slightly longer delay before attacking you when you transition maps.

* All monster sight range on aggressive monsters have been lowered by 20%.

* Monsters have been attacking too quickly, once every 800ms. Fixed so they now attack once every 1sec.

* Random walk monsters will now random walk 50% of the time and behave normally the other 50%.

* Total exp gained is now displayed on the stats menu.

* i5 colosseum now requires level 70 instead of level 80.

* The global damage done by monsters will now only be casted on you if you are within 14 tiles of the monster. (no longer the entire map)

* Monsters will cast Dispell less frequently.

* Ingame level TopList/TopList Harcore will now sort by level and exp, instead of seraph and level. So a high-level char can become top 1 without being x3 seraph. If two players are the same level, it will show the one with the most exp at the top.

* Renaming Max Upgrade Level to Safe Upgrade Level.

* Increased chance for +0 items to give skills.

* Some items buffed.

* You can now hold SHIFT+rightclick on the spell hotbar to remove a spell from it. Information about this also added to the ingame formula list.

* The global dmg spell casted by monsters on you now has a sound effect.

* Adjusted color of some skills that's rendered above when triggered.

* Monsters can no longer teleport away while taunted.

* Showing spell icons instead of showing the text for buffs.

* Buffed the random spawn monster on i5 so it can include a wider range of monsters/bosses (including i5 monsters).

* Lowered cost of upgrading an item with a skill (using tokens).

* You can now dye capes.

* Grand Stamina Potion now gives +100 stamina instead of +75.

* "Haste" spell has been boosted.

* You can now have the data list open with monsters, items etc while walking with WSAD without it scrolling in the lists..

* Some map changes.

* Increased chance for recall spell to trigger successfully.

* Chance for the spell Entangle to trigger is increased against players and monsters.

* You now have the option to remove all upgrades on an item from the blacksmith.

* New monsters added.

* Rings and Amulets have been rebalanced so most now have at least max upgrade level 2.

* i5 ocean area boosted with monsters.


* Fixed a party showing issue.

* Fixed some map issues.

* Fixed pet entangle issue.

* Fixed so you can see all the info in the monster data list.

* Fixed so monsters can walk on the tile next to the water.


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