Dev Log #24: New content and improvements!

New content:

* You can now reset your characters 2 times in total. So if you have reset it 1 time before, you have 1 reset left.
* The start of Island 6 has received new maps, monsters and item drops.
* A new more group oriented area has been added.


* Right Clicking an active spell on the right side will show the boosts.
* Some items has been slightly changed.
* Increased the chance to do a standard crit damage (not skill based) for the damage range you have.
* Added a new way to exit matchmaking area.
* Bonus damage from items are included in the damage shown on the stats screen.
* Strength requirement on shields are removed.
* Staffs have been added to more shops and more drops.


* Fixed so items requiring attributes actually require them.
* Fixed an issue with the upgrade item handler so that upgrading do not turn your item into a unidentified one.
* Fixed issue with spells replacing eachother.
* Fixed so i5 requires level 65, not 70.
* Fixed so island 4 says the real requirements to enter it.


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Aug 10, 2023

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