Dev Log #19: New Content and Skills


* A new raid has been added to the i5 Forest area.

* 4 new skills added: Accuracy, Dodge, Exhaustion and RadicalHeal.

* A one time skill reset for all characters has been added. Can be done from a NPC on the starting map on island 1 (just below the temple).


* The skill Deathblock has been reworked to heal you for 50% and give +5 Max HP per point!

* The skill Sneak now gives +5 Max Stamina per point.

* The skill Allround now gives your pet the number of points in Allround divided by 2 as exp each hit the pet does.

* The skill Untwine now gives +2 max stamina per point.

* The skill Snare now works for all different types of attacks. Including spells.

* The skill Poison now works for all different types of attacks. Including spells.

* The skill Double Damage now works for all different types of attacks. Including spells.

* The skill Lifesteal now works for spells but gives 0.3% HP instead of 0.6% HP.

* Some skill requirements have been reduced to make it easier for mages to get them.

* A help menu added to the skills tab so you can easily see what skills are class restricted. But pretty much all skills now work for all players.

* Parry rebalanced.

* The skill LootFinder has been boosted to provide increase chance of getting unique skills applied to +0 items.

* Rebalanced resistance so that it blocks 0.8DMG per point instead of 1 and increased the max points in it from 6 to 10.

* Increased double hit from max 5 points to max 10 points.

* Skill trueshot has been adjusted to 10 points and 2% chance per point.

* Skill petpower boosted with: "If the pet gets the killing blow, you get +1Gold/point."


* Fixed so debless and entangle from monsters has unique spell icons on the screen.

* Fixed so spells deselect correctly.

* Fixed so item can not break when removing all upgrades from it.

* Fixed spell icon showing the wrong image when time left is below 1minute.

* Fixed so Reputation saves correctly.

* Fixed resistance as it said it blocks 1dmg per point from monsters but it was actually 0.5.


* When you cast a heal spell on someone else. It will also heal yourself.

* I5 colloseum has been boosted with more EXP.

* You can now upgrade all belts and offhand items.

* Some item stats have been changed.

* Removing upgrades from an item can no longer fail.

* Adjusted prices in i5 shops.

* The i5 raid that costs 2emeralds/entry now costs 1 emerald instead.

* i5 boss Mayhem now gives more exp.

* Rebalanced/boosted a lot of pets.

* Assassin weapons now gives some AC and have slightly lower dmg.

* Rebalanced some monsters and items.

* Lowered price on break prevention.

* A player now has 80% chance to hit another monster/player when attacking. (affected by new skill).

* Made it easier to get the first key to enter Island 2.

* Adjusted some spell target areas and ranges.


* Right clicking the screen with a spell selected will deselect it.

* Now displaying a short text near the spell buff icons so you know more what they do.

* Will now clear map items from a map no players has been on after 12 hours instead of 90minutes.

* Added a pot shop and healing area in i3 "town/harbour".

* Added some basic info about +0 items to the flag menu.

* Housing point distribution moved from the skill page to the stats page.

* 4 new skill upgrade types added since we have 4 new Skills.

* More information added to the ingame formula list under the flag menu.

* Improved spellicons gfx.

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